Headington Hill Hall, South Park (1.7 miles / 30min)

The route is a bit wiggly, so keep an eye on your map!

Start at the main entrance (S), make your way clockwise around the park (following the red dashed line on the route map). Exit the park at the top.

Double right turn, up the steps towards the Hall. Walk in front of and admire the Hall (1), now part of Brookes Uni, which has some history and recent scandal!

Go up the steps to the right of the hall, head right following the path and cross the lovely white iron bridge crossing Headington Road with the London coaches still thundering under you (2).

Walk around the Brookes Sports centre on your left, pass its entrance and follow the path to the right.

Somewhat out of view, but on your left is the Headington Reservoir (3). Begun in 1874, it watered the Oxford residents at the bottom of the hill keeping the outbreaks of Cholera at bay. It is still in use.

Carry on following the path and on the left you wont miss the massive award winning John Henry Brookes building (4).

Follow the path around, cross Cheney Lane and you may wish to take a detour to visit the TOAD distillery (5, The Oxford Artisan Distillery). Pick up a few bottles and maybe get a tour. Both are pretty special.

Having made that detour, you may notice (or otherwise) that the route has gone from red to purple!

You are now in the huge South Park and as you cross down the hill, you will get the fabulous view of the dreaming spires of Oxford (6)!

Carry on down to the bottom and exit on the right, cross the road and you are back in HHP.